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Follow our work in progress week by week. See the project growing and changing with the work we do, the decisions we make, the obstacles we meet and the feedback we get.


Week 14 – 18 (21.04. – 21.05.)

In the last weeks of our project we decided to give up the idea of building a physical prototype. We had a couple of issues to solve about programming but also about the art style. We changed the art style several times in the last to week in order to make our graphics look great as the experience itself is brief and simple. We did a playtesting for our level design with colleagues at the university to figure out what kind of platforms makes the game more or less difficult, what makes it even too easy or too difficult. After that we did a playtest at the airport to see how our target audience reacts to the game before we presented it on the 21st of May for our Final’s presentation.

Week 9 (17.03. – 23.03.)

One week until Half’s presentation. Beside preparing the presentation we were working on a low fidelity prototype for the balancing game we decided to do last week. We also did a lot of research about mechanics and materials for building a physical prototype. We were looking for different Arduino project examples since we planned to use it as communicator between computer and servo motors we would need to rotate the platforms. We also looked up how strong and reliable servo motors are and how much we would have to invest for this kind of installation.

Week 8 (10.03. – 16.03.)

This week we did some major progress. We knew that we need to narrow down from former 3 ideas to one proper idea we want to realize. On Tuesday we packed our stuff and went out of our project room in a park here in Madeira to refresh our brains and our ideas. We did an intense brainstorming session in the park. We narrowed down that we just want a little bit of guest interaction. We also want to offer the guest some opportunity to exercise before he sits in the plane for several hours. We also want to help planting trees in Madeira. We decided to let the player do balancing movements in order to rotate platforms, where he guides a ball down to one out of 4 different boxes. The movement is easy no matter how old the player is and balancing is also related to balance the natural circle of life – we are using the resources of our natural environment, so we should also give something back to it. We also had in mind to realize a physical prototype of our game.

Week 7 (03.03. – 09.03.)

This week and after analyzing the second survey we created our persona. We portraited our survey data with our persona as best as possible in order to help us focus on our target audience while working on our project. Also in week 7 we thought better about the idea of having an real world impact. We heard about organizations in Madeira who are planting trees in the mountains with a lot of voluntary help, even from tourists. As it should happen, one organization had planned a trip to the mountains on Saturday of this week, where we decided without further ado to join them to learn more about the organization’s work.

Week 6 (24.02. – 02.03.)

We started this week with analyzing the feedback from Quarter’s presentation belonging to the 3 ideas. The “Laughing Theater” might be an interesting one, but we should add some kind of interaction. Otherwise it probably ends up as something boring and uninteresting. The other 2 ideas were to vague to actually imagine something interesting. They need to be better elaborated to say if they will work or not. Also, we got the advice to create a Persona according to our surveys and the informations we had from our target audience to see, if an idea would work or rather if an idea would fit to our target audience. On Tuesday we did the second survey at the airport which included already some questions according to our ideas. On Wednesday we had a lecture about creating Personas. Right after that we started analyzing the data from our second survey at the airport.

Week 5 (17.02. – 23.02.)

This week was Quarter’s presentation. We analyzed the data we got from our first survey. According to that we had long brainstorming session to came up with several rough ideas. We were thinking of a “Laughing Theater” where the guest experiences the installation just with watching and no interactions. We thought about integrating a traditional Madeirean dance – the Bailinho – with doing a kind of music game. We also thought about creating an interactive experience with “Nature” as core theme and some kind of real world impact. At the same time we figured out, we need to do another survey at the airport, according to our 3 ideas. So, beside preparing the presentation slides for Quarter’s we also created a new survey we plan to do next week.

Week 4 (10.02. – 16.02.)

This week was our field trip. We went to Paris on the 9th and came back on the 13th. We visited several museums in Paris in order to figure out what installations are similar to our project goal, what interesting elements could we use in our project, what installations are for our target audience, etc. In the evenings we explored the cultural hotspots of Paris like Eiffel tower or Arc de Triumphe. Before we went to bed we collected rough data about the installations we experienced and planned the next day.
At the airport in Lisbon we did some interviews about people’s behavior and experiences at airports. After the field trip, we analysed the interviews and prepared a survey we did at the end of the week at the airport in Madeira to get some first insights about our target audience.

Week 3 (03.02. – 09.02.)

In this week we needed to create a hunt statement for our project, in order to have a good idea of our project goal and focus on it the whole semester. We also planned our field trip to Paris. We found out that there are a lot of interesting museums, like the science center, where we can find inspirations for an interactive installation. Beside the field trip we also created surveys and interviews we wanted to do at the airport in Madeira and Lisbon to get to know our target audience and their needs.

Week 2 (27.01. – 02.02.)

This week we came up with our team name and logo. We wanted to have a word that could describe us and the project at the same time. After long brainstorming sessions and also after 2 revisions, finally, our team name CREWcial was born. We created several different versions of a possible logo with different color versions and ended up with the logo you can see on the top of each page.
We also planned the budget for the project. We had to take hardware, software licenses, a field trip, office supplies, goodies for playtesters and some other expenses we will need during the semester in consideration. A first schedule was also released this week.

Week 1 (20.01. – 26.01.)

We started this week and our project with a so called FOAM workshop ( – lasting 3 days – where a coach guided us through our idea and brainstorming process. We worked together with our client as a whole team to figure out what our project is about, what our client envisions about it and how we think to realize this capstone project.