Week 8 (10.03. – 16.03.)

This week we did some major progress. We knew that we need to narrow down from former 3 ideas to one proper idea we want to realize. On Tuesday we packed our stuff and went out of our project room in a park here in Madeira to refresh our brains and our ideas. We did an intense brainstorming session in the park. We narrowed down that we just want a little bit of guest interaction. We also want to offer the guest some opportunity to exercise before he sits in the plane for several hours. We also want to help planting trees in Madeira. We decided to let the player do balancing movements in order to rotate platforms, where he guides a ball down to one out of 4 different boxes. The movement is easy no matter how old the player is and balancing is also related to balance the natural circle of life – we are using the resources of our natural environment, so we should also give something back to it. We also had in mind to realize a physical prototype of our game.

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