Week 13 (14.04. – 20.04.)

In week 13 our main goal was to push forward the work that is left to do. The artists were working on all the assets that we need for the background. This process included modeling CG trees and plants, assigning appropriate textures and testing different arrangements in the overall background picture.

In the programming and game design field we implemented several structures with different sizes. We want to figure out which size offers the ideal space for the platform arrangements in order to create an interesting and challenging level design. The programmer also inserted the movie placeholders for the needed animations. One animation on the top will be the story introduction. It starts as soon as the guest spreads his arms. This movement is the main movement in the game play and we expect that it is easy to distinguish from people who are just walking by the game. We want to prevent that the game starts unintentionally. On the bottom will be different animations. Wherever the guided drop waters the seeds the associated animation will be triggered to finish the game.

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