Madeira AirportA project needs a client and in our case it’s the Airport of Madeira represented by Dr. Francisco Fernandes. He is one of the advisors to the board of directors.

50 years ago the doors were opened for the first time at Madeira airport. In the first years the runway just allowed small airplanes to land. But over the time the popularity of the island increased and more and more tourists wanted to visit Madeira. This circumstances required larger aircrafts and therefore a longer runway. The first expansion was in the 80’s. But after a while it was again too small and also too dangerous for modern airplanes to land.

The year 2000 is labeled as a special year in the history of Madeira’s airport construction. The length of the runway was almost doubled, but it is not the size which makes this runway so remarkable. The runway was extended on a platform supported by 180 columns, partly over the ocean. This extension is recognized worldwide as one of the most difficult to achieve due to the underneath terrain and orography.  Accordingly, in 2004 this construction got rewarded with the Outstanding Structure Award, the Oscar of worldwide structural engineering.

Today approximately 50 airplanes arrive and depart in the course of the day in Madeira. The airport has one terminal with 16 boarding gates and a 2 level high departing area. On the second floor you will find our installation about supporting the natural environment of Madeira.